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Emilia Durka, Annalouise Falk - recorder

Tommy Fields, Alma Stoye, Anna Lodone - viola da gamba

Nala Tessloff - voice, text


Melancholic Renaissance music interpreted by a Broken Consort melded with a soulful voice. With its somber sound, the Unspoken Consort tells secrets from afar, the past and the present. Tenderly taking on early music, the ensemble invents a musical style all its own. 

As an ensemble of viola da gamba, recorders and voice, the artists take the polyphonic music of the sixteenth century as their prelude. These are works of a time in which the voice and its way of interpreting human affects came strongly to the fore. 

In the examination of the historical material, adaptations, new texts, new voices, and electronic alienations emerge, creating a contemporary perspective and thus a new form.  Borrowing from the ornamentation practice of the time, they make use of contemporary means, raise questions through performative elements, and experiment with the possibilities of audio-technical effects.  Together, the Consort strives to find a way of dealing with this music. The ensemble opens a sound space into which it invites the audience to engage.

How can one approach this deeply moving music today?

What does it provoke?

How does one deal with emotions, with longing, connection and grief?


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